Is managing your accounting a nightmare?

As a small business owner, tracking expenses, payments, inventories, employee payroll, growing your business and chasing investors is a hard hustle. ikOOba is a total business solution package for you so that you can focus on growth.

Our solution helps you

Increase investors confidence in your business

Business measurement for effective management

Pocket freindly professional assistance

Our products

BMAC: Monitor your business growth

Keeping your books is now easier because with BMAC, business owners can effectively and efficiently measure and control the performance of their business and hence improve transparency and growth by attracting resources". Monitor your Books

IMS Web and Desktop: A simple way to track inventories

IkOOba IMS tracks your stock level to smartly regulate overstocking, outages, control over inventory even from remote locations online or offline. Track your stock efficiently Track your stock efficiently

HR and Payroll: Happy employee happy customer

We service your business, employee performance included. Ikooba HR & Payroll provides solutions to manage personnel tracking, employee appraisal, benefits, applicant tracking, time and attendance sheet, performance reviews, payroll and more Let us serve you

Townhall: Stay ahead by Collaboration

ikOOba Townhall is a forum that enhance social interaction, skills transfer, mentoring among Business owners, Professionals and Influencers. Join the discussion today.Let us collaborate

Our core values


Build the required visibility to deal with business associates and third parties as their business information and operations are available on-line. At ikooba, you can record your business financials as well as view others to reduce obvious business risks associated with closed systems.


Protect your business interest upon tested character and Ideals to create high quality business values. ikooba provides a honest system where validated business relationships exists amongst parties to achieve mutual returns.


You can get your business operations measured at a glance by utilizing analytical tools and parameters to show business strengths and weakness to make informed business decisions. ikOOba provides performance indicators with valuable business insight.


Build business confidence on a wide range of solutions to avoid doubts and failures. In the modern business world, there are obvious business risks; ikOOba is designed to reduce these risks while ensuring that reported financial results and positions have proven quality and reliable for decision making.


To achieve success, businesses rarely thrive in isolation. With our business partners all over the globe, ikOOba provides a platform that connects you to resources that will enhance your business processes and procedures for superlative result. And you are provided with a medium where our local and international contacts can meet your business.

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